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Icasm Press is a small royalty-paying press located in Savannah, Georgia.  Our philosophy is that quality is more important than quantity when publishing books.


Originally, we started with the idea of an author co-op. However, we quickly realized that while a co-op is a great concept, authors will be more successful if they focus on their craft. Since then, we've developed into the publisher that we are today.  What makes Icasm different is that we work with the author in a co-op style.  We seek our authors' input in almost all aspects of publishing their books (from sales price to deciding on new sales channels).  Most importantly, we want our authors to have a publisher that they can trust.  Therefore, we engage with them as business partners, providing the support that they need to succeed. That's why we provide industry feedback from publisher conferences and encourage our authors to share what worked and what didn’t with each other.


We still believe that the industry is changing and that authors are becoming more tech conscious. We also believe that it is the century of the author. With that, we often say we are more like capital investors than publishers.  We believe that our authors are the brand, and we provide support and knowledge to help them grow their brand.


We know that authors typically start out with a limited budget.  Therefore, we assist them in a variety of ways.  We provide marketing support and incentives for going to publisher-approved cons.  Also, because great marketing graphics are a key success factor, we provide all of our authors with graphics design support long after the cover is completed (graphics for banners, advertisements, swag, and much more).


When we attend cons, we focus our attention on providing support for our authors rather than trying to advertise or grow the house.    To help our authors offset the costs of attending approved cons, we provide them with a royalty bonus.  Need an extra hand with all those free books?  Running behind and need a cup of coffee.  We're there to help.  That's what partners are for!  We may not be able to support every con or every request at a con but we will be there for you, our author.


Why Us

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