What does Icasm mean?

figurative expression 1664 -1664

He protested at his trial that the death threat he delivered was only an icasm.


Are you a Vanity Press?

No. We are a small traditional press. We publish, distribute, and pay royalties for our books.


What do you publish?

At Icasm Press we believe the author and the quality of writing make the book. We mainly publish romantic fiction. However, all fiction and non-fiction is acceptable anything our staff and focus groups really like will be considered for publication. Our philosophy is simple: good writing and great authors sell. We are not driven by what is hot in the market but rather “Quality over Quantity.”


What genres are unacceptable?

While we are open to erotica, we do not publish books that have pedophilia, hardcore erotica, racism, biased politics, or rape as major themes.


What makes Icasm Press Diffierent?

We started with the idea of an author co-op. We quickly realized that while this is a great concept, authors should be authors’ and publishers need to publish. We developed into the Icasm we are today. We still believe that the industry is changing and authors are more tech conscious.


What makes us different is that we work with the author in a co-op style. We seek our authors input in almost all aspects of publishing the books, from sales price to deciding on new sales channels. We want our authors to have a publisher that they trust, provides support and is a business partner. That is why we provide industry feedback from publisher conferences, encourage our authors to share what worked and what didn’t with each other and support.


We know our authors maybe on a budget starting out that is why we provide incentives for going to publisher approved cons. When we attend these cons, as a publisher, for us it is less about advertising or growing the house and all about support for our authors. Need an extra hand with all those free books or running behind need a cup of coffee thats what partners are for. We may not be able to support every con or every request at a con but we will be there for you our author.


I do not have an agent?

No agent, no problem. We strive to provide each author with the highest royalty percentages possible.


Are you a digital or print publisher?

We publish the majority of our books that are 60k words or more in digital, print and audiobook formats, though the business models definitely favor digital publishing. Authors still want and need print copies for book signings and giveaways.


What about copyrights?

We will file the copyright on your behalf. We will pay the fees and name you as the claimant. We will be listed as having rights and permissions.The copyright will belong to you.


What are your royalty percentages for Print editions?

Royalties for print editions are set at 50% of net sales.


What are your royalty percentages for Digital editions?

Digital edition royalties are set at 50% of net sales.


What are your royalty percentages for Audiobook editions?

Digital edition royalties are set at 50% of net sales.


What do you mean by net sales?

Authors are paid 50% of all moneys received by the publisher before any costs associated with production. Icasm authors never pay for any costs incurred by the publisher for production, editing, marketing (Publisher Level), Cover designs, etc. So if we receive $2000 for a title at end of month from all outlets / retailers then the author receives $1000 (50% net sales).


Who is responsible for marketing?

You are. We Are. Success for our authors is success for Icasm Press. That is why we help you every step of the way.


- We provide marketing Dos and Don’ts for our new authors and encourage our established authors to mentor new ones.


- We even try to kick start your marketing by providing new authors with a marketing start-up kit.


- We provide free graphics support running your own ad, book signing, swag, or event. We are here to help tell us what you need and we are more than happy to get the graphics setup for you on most projects normally at no cost to the author.  Authors do pay for production of the graphic (I.E. Signage, banner, etc). When we develop a graphic for publisher level advertising we provide a courtesy copy in web and print formats for the author to use at no charge. We also always ensure that the designer creating the cover creates a Facebook header to match for the author.


- We, of course, advertise books on several different mediums with annual ad buys rotated by author in order of next release.


Why Us

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